About Us

What is Patriot Camp?
Patriot Camp is a way to teach kids about our country using a camp setting, so that kids will have fun while they learn, and develop an interest in our history and a love for America. Patriot Camp involves everyone - kids, parents, and the community – coming together for the common goal of educating ourselves and our children about our great nation.

Who We Are
Patriot Camp was organized in May 2010 by 6 stay-at-home moms who wanted to do something fun and different for their kids. We brainstormed and built the curriculum for our first Patriot Camp (2010) from scratch. We chose topics that we felt were fundamental for our kids to know and understand. From there we have expanded to include all things patriotic. Our mission is to develop patriotism in our kids, their friends, and all kids in the community.

We hope you take time to review our website and are inspired to run a Patriot Camp in your own community. We would love to hear from you! Let us know if you ran a camp and how it worked out. Do you have any great ideas you would be willing to share with patriots across the country? Please send them in and we will post them. Our goal is to spread the idea of Patriot Camp across our great country. Thank you for visiting!